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A ttention: Manager & ShopKey SE Shop Management
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Line No Title Link
1 Manager/ShopKey SE Shop Management Manager SE

Supplies for Lube Module
1a Mitchell 1 Manager SE  Full install Autorun-Manager
1b ShopKey  Manager SE  Full install Autorun-ShopKey
1c Manager SE fix for Windows October release ManagerSE_Install.exe
2 Catalog Installation files  Catalog Installs
3 Getting Started with the new scheduler Click Here
4 Utility to help setup logo for Invoices, .ROs, Estimates Click Here
5 Utility to Fix Schedule Tasks for SCRM TaskFixer
6 SE Log gather tool LogCollector_V15
7 Manager SE Updater Updater2.0.2
8 Vehicle letter with Proper Case fix in address area LetterVehicle

10 WebLink Upgrade Document Update 12.22.11 Weblinkupgrade
11 Invoice with larger font and fixed received/completed date invhrs-dates.exe
12 Database Utility v7.5 DBUtil_7.5.exe
13 Invoice update - Mar 2017 - Moves History date to top Inv-Mar2017
14 SE Database Queries for use by Technical Support  Updated 12/13 Queries
15 M1Sk Account Utility M1SKDCAccount Util
16 Mitchell 1 Tech Support Utility V 1401 M1 1401 Util
17 Port Scan Utility for SQL Services Rsq
18 Adding a custom Logo to your  Invoices - Knowledgebase Customlogo
19 Enable 64 bit .Net framework to fix DPR Plus access denied to Registry Key error 64bitnetramework
20 Payment fix utility Paymentfixer
21 SQL Studio Express 2005 32 Bit Systems SSMSEE.msi
22 SQL Studio Express 2005 64 Bit Systems SSMSEE64.msi
23 SQL Studio Express 2008 32 Bit Systems SQLEXPRWT_x86_ENU
24 SQL Studio Express 2008 64 Bit Systems SQLEXPRWT_x64_ENU
25 For WMI system configuration checker failure errors during SQL install. Fixwmi.cmd
26 Fixes detection and integration of WorldPac with SE Management software wpsd.exe
27 Fixes Invoices to keep labor requested and [long] performed together invhrs.exe
28 Installs Balance Due Statements and Balance Due Report with positive balances only. Balances Due
29 Previous Tech Support Utility with CRM functions. CRMSupport
30 Install cleanup of previous versions of Manager SE. Clears assembly cache SE_Install_Cleaner
31 QuickBooks Integrator version 2.0.104 for Manager/ShopKey 6.5 and up install. This requires a password to install - please consult Mitchell 1 tech support   updated Sep 26, 2016 QBI Setup
32 QuickBooks Integrator version 2.0 for Manager/ShopKey 6.4E / 6.5 - 'How it Works' qbihow.pdf
33 QuickBooks Integrator:  'Mapping and Sync' QBI2.0Mapping
34 DotNet 4.0 full setup for QBI DotNet40full
35 6.4 tool to automatically reset taxes for all customer in the database. Note: Mitchell 1 cannot be responsible for making certain your system is configure to comply with local, state/province or government regulations. Mitchell 1 does supply the functionality and tools so you make affect those configurations. Mitchell 1 will also be happy to assist configuring your system with your involvement/direction. 64TaxTool
36 Revision consolidation for Invoices Revprintfix.sql
37 Demo Database Attachment Utility Demo_DB_Attacher
38 TechView ShopManagementSEViewer
39 ProPack Upgrader: Used when moving from 5.9 to 6.x ProPackUpgrader
40 Machine-IDFix for 6.5 fingerprint.exe
41 Fix for Audi 'allroad' allroad.exe
42 Add Parts Report to ManagerSE when missing parts-report.exe
43 Remove invalid lines from orders for 6.4 Bad_Line_item.exe
44 Estimate template to fix margins (v 6.5.47+) Estimate Template
45 Fix for  BMW X5 48i link to ProDemand 48i.exe
46 Expanded Tech Worksheet to fit Clipboard & corrects labor lines being printed twice, includes symptom and vehicle memo, and VIN barcode ExpandedSheet
47 Fixed Penny rounding for Invoices Inv-round-fix
48 TechHours report with effective labor rate Techhrs
49 Invoice with taxes broken out Invhrs
50 Coupon Utilization Report Update Coupon Report
51 Parts on Order  Report format cleanup Parts on Order

53 Set default time for new appointment by user.  Close Manager SE, open application, select user, set default appointment start time for that user.  Reopen Manager Set-Time
54 Updated Florida Invoice to fix balance due when tire fees are applied - Up to Manager SE 6.5.59 Flor-Inv
55 Updated Posted Orders by Invoice Number - corrects balance due calculation PostedTotalsInv
56 Low Inventory by Category/PartNo LowInvCat
57 Fix to eliminate negative committed values FixNegCommitted
58 Update to Selected Monthly Sales Rpt - fixed to not include Hazmat, ShopSupplies and Taxes. Selected Monthly Rpt
59 TeamView v11 quick support TeamViewerQS11
60 Import Old Schedule Items into new Scheduler Restore_Scheduled
61 Sales Summary by Service Advisor with Cost totals SalesUmmaryby Advisor
62 Invoice with customer number removed - ref # up top InvHrs-update
63 Fix logo printing for Estimate without hours/part numbers --- Run as on host/main FixLogo
64 Michigan Invoice with Signiture Lines added Michigan Invoice
65 Config Utility for VERUS
66 Updated Wisc Invoice for Manager 7.2.x   Feb 9, 2018 InvHrsWI
67 Registry fix for IE 11 systems with catalogs catalog-fix

69 Schedule Report - summary with comments SchedComments
70 DMV Update - June 2016 DMVUpdate
71 Referal-Inv Sources report with graph ReasonForVisit
72 Fix for Inv/ with Hours/No PN/No Rev Data & Inv/ with Hours/No Rev Data for 7.1.2. invhrsv7.exe
73 Dot Net installer  -NDP452-KB2901907-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU - Dot Net
74 Tech Worksheet with Mfg date corrected TechWorksheets
75 Update notification fix MitchellRepairUpdates
76 v 8.x Getting Started Guide Getting Started
77 Thunderbird fix 32bit Visual Studio Update 32 bit
78 Thunderbird fix 64bit Visual Studio Update 64 bit
79 SQL Install 2014 manual install M1SQL Update
80 Ver 7.2.5 report enhancements 725rpts
81 Revo Uninstaller Free Version Revosetup

Tier 2 approval required to run this utility
82 Invoice for Jubitz --- Run as Administrator Click Here
83 Uninstall Tool for Tech support use  Mgr_Uninstall_1_0_14.exe
84 MSXML Fix for 1809 - 32 Bit  MSXML4SP2_x86.reg
85 MSXML Fix for 1809 - 64 Bit  MSXML4SP2_x64.reg
M1SKSEnsor v0.1.8.2 M1SKSEnsor
87 Customer Vehicle Summary Correctly Shows and Hides Notes CustVehSum
Tech Worksheet History By Date Tech Worksheet
89 64 bit Shop Managerment Fix CEF Fix
Crystal Reports v. 32-bit Crystal Reports 32-Bit
91 Crystal Reports v. 64-bit Crystal Reports 64-Bit
Shop Management Catalog Chromium Fix DoubleB

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