Lube Sticker Pro Setup


1. Main Screen


From this screen you will see the calculated Next Odometer  and Next Date.  You can change between your three oil intervals and it will recalculate the values.  At the top, the vehicle's Average Miles Per Day will be displayed if it available.

Note:  The odometer will be read from the odometer box in your shop management software before the calculations are applied, so make sure these values are filled in before loading Lube Sticker Pro.

Print: Click this button to print the lube sticker, and to intiate any automation you have set up.  Lube Sticker Pro will close automatically after clicking.


2. Settings Screen




Oil Type: You have the ability to set three separate oil types and intervals. Here you can rename the default oil type names to whatever name you choose, Example: Standard, Semi-Synthetic, and Synthetic.

Odometer: Set the default odometer interval for each oil type.

Days:  Set the default time interval for each oil type.

Use Vehicle Usage To Calculate Date: Checking this will calculate the Next Date based on the customer's vehicle usage, instead of using a set amount of days.

Do Not Allow Date To Exeed Preset Date:  Checking this will make sure the date is never over the days interval you have set if you are using the vehicle usage to calculate the date.




Auto Add Recommendation: Check this to automatically add a recommendation to the vehicle after printing a lube sticker.

Delete Old Recommendations: This option will delete old recommendations set by Lube Sticker Pro before a new recommendation is created.

Auto Add Appointment: Check this to automatically book an appointment after printing a lube sticker.

Shop Open On: The calculated date will only fall on the days that are checked.

Labor Hours: Default labor time for a LOF.




Shop Management Type & ODBC Data Source: This area will tell Lube Sticker Pro how to link up and get data from your shop management software.  Do not change this unless instructed by technical support.

Printer & Printer Name:  In this area you set your printer type and name.



3. Setup Printing / Label Template Screen


From here you can change the way your label will look when it prints.