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  ProPack helps better connect you with your customers. This integrated tool box includes Report Pro, Lube Sticker Pro, and Message Pro.



Oil change reminder stickersLube Sticker Pro - Printers and Supplies:  

National Document Solutions LLC is your recommended dealer for stock continuous and laser Repair Orders. They are now offering you the opportunity to order your forms, post cards, envelopes, labels, seat covers, key tags, floor mats and oil change sticks/printer from our new online ordering site.

Because we work closely with National, we know that their high quality products are compatible with your Mitchell1 software program.
Visit their website by clicking on the button above, or call 855-333.1822 to order. Oil change label printer and supplies sold by National Document Solutions, LLC.

Report Pro is compatible with the following

Are you looking for more reports from your Mitchell1 system?

Report Pro

Our Report Pro tool has been designed with you in mind, not only do we offer a by the job invoice, but a better technician worksheet with categorized service history.

More personalization than ever before.

Report Pro gives your shop the opportunity to provide a by the job invoice to your customers. In addition we have developed a better technician worksheet; the worksheet mimics the existing Mitchell1 technician worksheet, and however delivers service history in addition. The technician worksheet can be printed in several ways, total chronological history, details (all records) by category and summary by category, which offers the most recent date and odometer reading that a service was performed for that specific category. Next up for the tool is an exciting report that will allow the shop to provide a comprehensive vehicle analysis to the customer with OE Specifications. 
Report pro today also offers the ability to export the reports to the most commonly used file formats, like Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF. Additional functionality of emailing a report will be released in the next version of the software. Report Pro is the must add for Automotive Software

Advanced coupons.

Now when you have a recommendation for this vehicle you can tie a coupon/marketing message specific to that invoice. 
Just add a recommendation and a custom coupon for that category and BLAM - it works!

Book and Confirm Appointments

You and your customers are now able to easily book and confirm appointments simply by scanning a QR code and confirming right on their smart phone.

Sample Reports

This is our multipoint inspection report, there are limitless options to configure and customize your report. 

For more report samples click here


Lube Sticker Pro ensures you never forget to add recommendations to your customerís vehicle, and it never forgets to set the appointment in your shop  management program for the next appointmentNote: Printer Not Included. Available from National Document Solutions.

  • Print windshield reminders with your logo

  • Books each customers next appointments before they leave

  • Accurately predicts when that vehicle should return for service

  • As easy to use as clicking a print button

Lube Sticker Pro Supplies:  

MessagePro is compatible with the following

Message Manager Pro

Start communicating with your customers.

Pre smart phone era

Have you ever been asked the questions What did we do before cell phones? What a technological advancement, we are now all accessible anytime anyplace, except if you are a service advisor, trying to get an approval for a vehicle in your bay at your auto repair shop. As a service advisor, have you ever left voice messages on multiple phones for your customer, with no response? 

Manage your messages!

Our Message Pro solution solves a core communication problem, simply supply your customers mobile phone number in your management system and use our Message Pro module, and you can communicate directly with your customer. 

Cross compatible

Our application also works hand in hand with Lube Sticker Pro, in that it can read your scheduled appointments and send out automated service reminders directly to your customers mobile phone. Message Pro, allows you to use a full size keyboard, and integrate directly into your shop management software. Message Pro, also does not supply your customer with your direct mobile number, but rather a computer generated number to allow you to keep your privacy.

Recent Poll Results

Results of a recent poll showed that 10 out of 10 people would return home if they left their mobile phone, 7 of the same 10 would return to retrieve their wallet. From your management system data you can now alert your customer of their upcoming appointment, or that their vehicle is ready for pickup. 

What are you waiting for? Start communicating with your customers today! 




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